The Literacy and Numeracy programme supports Foundation phase learners in Grade R and Grade 1 where volunteers facilitate revision of crucial aspects of the curriculum with small groups of struggling learners. Our volunteers supplement the lesson with the use of educational aids. We spend 1 hour per day, four mornings per week at each school.

The Library maintenance programme was initiated because the libraries of all the schools were in a terrible state of neglect.  The Trust, with the help of our volunteers and donations, have re-established the libraries and have been able to employ a member of the school community at each school to manage the libraries and supervise the respective reading programmes. These ladies are receiving training from the Trust to equip them further in these roles.

The feeding scheme provides each learner with at least one sandwich per day which helps to keep hunger at bay and enables them to concentrate on their school work better. The programme which runs four days per week uses local ladies from the community to prepare the sandwiches. Our scheme supplements the government’s school nutrition programme which caters only for the neediest learners.  The number of hungry children is far more than were previously being catered for.

We aim to provide two educational excursions per learner per annum for the entire school. We also subsidise the entry fees charged so that no learner is excluded because of financial hardship. Destinations include Monkey Land, Giraffe House, Simonstown Naval Base, Iziko Museums, the Planetarium, the Castle, Butterfly World, and Kirstenbosch Gardens amongst others.

After-school activities include: Arts and crafts, ballroom dancing and Kids clubs and would also include music, singing and sport when resources are available. These activities take place Monday to Thursday during term time and rely on a team of volunteers.